Mother's Day 2019: The best tech, gadgets, and accessories for mom

Smart yoga mats, intelligent candles, and more can be picked up to make this Mother's Day extra special.
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SonTech white noise machine

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If your mom has trouble sleeping, you might consider a white noise machine, such as one offered by SonTech. This particular device has 10 different options for white noise -- including white sound itself, ocean noise, the wind, rain, and a forest -- and can be played continuously or on a timer. 

Price: $14.95

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Bedside smartphone vase

See it now: Uncommon Goods

Combining design with function, these minimalistic vases can not only hold flowers but charge a smartphone at the same time -- and could look great by your mom's bedside table. 

Price: $32

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3D printed gifts

See it now: Shapeways

Over at Shapeways, you can pick up anything from jewelry to artwork for Mother's Day -- but it comes with a twist. Everything in the marketplace is 3D printed, which can bring a techy slant to any gift you choose. 

Price: $Varied

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Smart yoga

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Yoga moms might like an upgrade to their standard mat this Mother's Day with the Backslash Yoga Mat. The self-rolling mat can be paired with the Amazon Echo smart speaker and Women's Health to guide your mom through daily morning routines. 

Price: $89.95

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Bose QuietComfort 25 noise canceling headphones

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Sometimes, all your mom needs is ten minutes to block out the noise of the day and to listen to a favorite song or two. To help, consider a pair of noise-canceling headphones such as the Bose QuietComfort 25s this year as a valued gift. 

Price: $179

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Google Home

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If a smart home assistant sounds like something your mom would enjoy -- whether it would be for accessing to-do lists, the news, weather, traffic, or music -- the Google Home is worth considering for Mother's Day. Students can enjoy a 10 percent discount, too. 

Price: $99

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Fujifilm INSTAX 300 camera

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While smartphones are extremely useful for taking photos on the move, if your mom enjoys creating image collages and albums, the Fujifilm INSTAX 300 could be a great gift for Mother's Day. This particular kit includes an extending 95mm f14 lens, a viewfinder, a camera case, and two sets of film.

Price: $129.95

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Samsung Galaxy Watch

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a smart device which your mom may be grateful to receive. The watch contains an AMOLED touch-screen display and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Activity, sleep, and health can be monitored, Samsung Pay can be used to make purchases, and the device can be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth. 

Price: $199.99

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Kindle Paperwhite bundle

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A Kindle Paperwhite, a mobile e-reader with access to Amazon's repository of book titles, could make a great gift this Mother's day. The reader uses "e-ink" technology to reduce glare, is waterproof, and comes in both 8GB and 32GB formats.

This particular bundle includes a Kindle, leather cover, and adapter, but the standalone Kindle can also be purchased here for a lower price. 

Price: $169

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Ring Video Doorbell 2

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A smart doorbell could be seen as a bit of an extravagance, but if your mom is on the move, knowing when -- and who -- has come to the door at home can end up being a convenience she eventually won't want to be without. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 is such a device, offering live video feeds and a two-way microphone, alongside remote alerts when visitors come to call. 

Price: $169

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Fitbit Versa

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For a mom who is keen to work out and exercise, a Fitbit Versa could become a valued gift. The wristwatch is able to monitor and track activity 24/7, heart rates, sleep patterns, and also features exercise modes for daily workouts. The Versa is also compatible with smartphone GPS systems to more precisely capture daily routines and exercise.

Price: $189.95

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Yeelight smart candles

See it now: Loviver

Moms know that children and open flames do not mix; but sometimes, there is nothing better than some relaxing candlelight. A compromise is a smart candle or two, such as these made by Loviver, which are LED, smartphone-controlled candles that can be adjusted for just the right ambiance. 

Price: $49.15

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Belmint Shiatsu foot massager

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Tired feet can always do with a massage, so how about a powerful foot massager for your mom this year? The Belmint Shiatsu massager uses rotating nodes to relieve pain and muscle tension. 

Price: $139.99

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Heated back massager

See it now:  The Grommet

Being a mom is back-breaking work. To soothe tired muscles after a long day, consider giving your mom a heated back massage pillow this year. The Grommet's massager contains eight massage heads which rotate to relax back muscles, which may also be of use to those with existing back problems. 

Price: $150

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Nixplay smart digital photo frame

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The Nixplay Seed is a digital photo frame which may be a great gift this Mother's Day. The product, available in a range of sizes, can be used to automatically display albums full of family photos. 

Price: $Varies

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

See it now: Walmart

If you're able to be extravagant this Mother's Day, Dyson's latest version of a hair curler might be of interest. The dryer is bladeless and uses a digital motor together with an intelligent temperature gauge for a clean, quick finish. 

Price: $399

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Slate: Mobile LapDesk

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Moms, especially those who are remote workers, might appreciate a way to use their laptop comfortably. A laptop station such as the Slate is made from bamboo and includes heat absorption properties, a mouse pad, and a display dock for smartphones and tablets. 

Price: $79.95

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Google Chromecast Ultra

See it now: Walmart

Streaming devices are becoming ever more popular, and the Google Chromecast -- now available for 4K Ultra HD streaming -- was one of the first to hit the market. Relevant, still, for streaming content from mobile devices and PCs to bigger screens, your mom might appreciate the plug-and-play device this year, especially if she travels and is often on the road. 

Price: $59

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Click and Grow Smart Garden

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An older product but still worth considering, the Click and Grow Smart Garden is a worthwhile gift for enthusiast cooks who would appreciate the chance to raise their own micro herb garden indoors.

Price: $89

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