The best camping tech, gadgets in 2017

There are plenty of tools, gadgets, and tech product which can make your next camping trip easier and more memorable. Here are some of our favorites.
By Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer
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LifeStraw is an innovative little device which can be used for backpacking, hiking, and camping in a pinch. The straw is able to filter a full 1,000 liters of water, transforming contaminated sources into clean drinking water.

The LifeStraw removes over 99 percent of waterborne parasitic entities, as well as the majority of particles such as silt and soil which can cloud water.

Price: $19.95

Via: Lifestraw

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Anker Astro Mini power bank

On your next camping trip, you may be out there for a few days and want a bit of extra power to keep your smartphone going.

Packing a fair amount of juice due to its 3350mAh battery and good value for money, the Anker Astro Mini is a portable, sturdy power bank for both Android and iOS devices.

You can expect to charge an average smartphone once or twice using this small power bank, which should be just about enough for weekend festivals and camping trips.

Price: $25.99

Via: Amazon

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Crave Travel Pro power bank

However, if you are looking for a more robust power bank, the Crave Travel Pro is a 13,000mAh battery which is still small and lightweight but can charge an average smartphone roughly four times without running out of power.

You can also hook the Crave -- which displays remaining power on a LED screen -- up to a portable solar panel if you want to keep it going for longer without needing an outlet.

Price: $22.99

Via: Amazon

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Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS

The Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS is a simple, pretty camera suitable to take with you on camping trips. While far from the best you can get in the compact market, this Canon model is relatively cheap and can be stuffed into your backpack without worry.

The camera is equipped with a 12x Optical zoom, Wi-Fi capabilities, a 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor and an LCD display.

Price: $209

Via: Amazon

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BioLite CampStove

The CampStove offers users not only the chance to create a smokeless fire by burning wood but also has an integrated 2600mAh battery which stores electricity generated from the fire.

BioLite's product features a LED screen which tells you about the fire strength, power generation, and fan speed settings, and you can charge your mobile devices from the power created.

Price: $129.95

Via: Bioenergy

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GorillaPod camera tripod

The GorillaPod is a staple for my own camping trips. I prefer not to take bulky DSLR kits with me when I know I am destined to stay on a muddy field for days, and so instead, this bendy, flexible tripod is a great alternative to more expensive models.

The GorillaPod is able to support smartphones and cameras up to 6.6 pounds, but weighs little and can be wrapped around poles, railings, and other uneven surfaces to take the perfect shot. There are various sizes available.

Price: $50 (XL)

Via: Photojojo

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Seattle Sports solar camp shower

A simple but handy camping accessory, the Seattle Sports camp shower alleviates the need to wash off in ice-cold water. You hook up the PVC bad, leave it to warm in the sun, and enjoy up to five galloons of warm water for your outdoor shower.

Price: $16.90

Via: Amazon

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B&O Play BeoPlay A1

B&O Play's portable A1 Bluetooth speaker is not only small and light enough to carry around on your next camping trip, but has impressive sound quality for such a small device.

Price: $249


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Handpresso Pump

Somewhat more of a luxury, if you cannot function without a coffee first thing in the morning, the Handpresso is a portable pump for dishing out your daily dose of caffeine. The device uses standard coffee pods, a pump action or two and some hot water, and you have your coffee.

Price: €82.50

Via: Handpresso

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Mpowerd Luci Outdoor 2.0 inflatable solar light

If you are a frequent camper and are willing to invest in an interesting light, the Mpowerd Luci Outdoor 2.0 is an inflatable, solar-powered light which is collapsible and can fit into your backpack without taking up as much room as a solid-build lantern.

Once charged up by the sun, the light has four lighting modes, depending on your needs.

Price: $19.95

Via: Amazon

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Surborder 60 LED portable camping light

For a light source which is somewhat cheaper, the Surborder 60 LED night light does the job admirably -- as long as you have some AAA batteries on hand.

Price: $8.68

Via: Amazon

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Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme solar charger

For a more powerful, extreme way to keep your devices charged in the middle of your camping and hiking trips, the Powermonkey Extreme portable charger is a device complete with a USB and 12V DC port, 9,000mAh battery capable of charging an average smartphone three or four times, and is able to use the sun as a power source.

It takes an average of 18-22 hours in direct sunlight to completely power up, and while this is going on, you can charge your devices directly.

Price: $99+

Via: Amazon

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CaliCase is a waterproof, sealed bag suitable for stashing your mobile devices in wet conditions -- whether it be hiking, camping, or swimming. Not only does the double-PVC bag take up little room, but the CaliCase can be purchased in a variety of colors depending on your preferences. The CaliCase is certified for up to 100 feet underwater and also is able to float.

Price: $14.99

Via: CaliCase

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Leatherman New Wave Multi-Tool

A multi-tool, such as the Leatherman New Wave, is generally a must for camping trips. This particular model includes a set of stainless steel blades, wire strippers, bit drivers, screwdrivers, a file and -- of course -- a can and bottle opener.

Price: $89.85

Via: REI

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