UAG Apple Watch straps: Affordable, durable, attractive bands

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is well-known for making high quality smartphone cases with drop-test certification so it is with interest we see it launch Apple Watch bands. The bands are very well constructed, look great, and are much more affordable than Apple's bands.
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Two new UAG Apple Watch bands

Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is know for making smartphone cases and with every new smartphone I get one of my first actions is to order a UAG case for it. A package arrived a couple of weeks ago that I was not expecting and I was very surprised to see two Apple Watch bands from UAG.

Apparently I was not paying attention to the latest news as UAG recently launched both Leather and Active watch straps for the Apple Watch, covering all series with two watch sizes available.

I was sent the Midnight (gray camo) Active and brown Leather models to test out with my 44mm Apple Watch Series 4. These are affordable bands with a price of $59.95 for the Active model and $69.95 for the Leather model.

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UAG Active Watch strap in midnight

The UAG Active Watch strap is advertised as being on of the strongest Apple Watch bands available today. High strength nylon weave is used with serious stitching and the band feels like it is going to last forever.

The hardware is constructed of stainless steel material with strong Velcro material holding it securely in place on your wrist.

While I was sent the Midnight (gray camo) model, you can also find it in solid orange and black colors.

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One end of the UAG Active Watch band

The top piece is very short with the Apple Watch connector secured on one end and a stainless steel loop secured on the other. UAG branding is present on the hardware loop with some nice camo color present too.

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Durable stitching on the Active band

Unlike most other bands I have tested, the UAG Active Watch strap has a consistent width that matches up well to the width of the Apple Watch. I am testing the 44/42 mm model, but UAG also has a 38/40 mm model so there are straps for all models of the Apple Watch from Series 1 through 4.

You can also see the rugged stitching here on this side of the band.

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More details of the UAG Active band

The Midnight Active strap is secured to my wrist. With this band on my Apple Watch I don't think there is any way it could every get knocked off so it's perfect for active outdoor adventures.

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Velcro material securing the Active band

The hook and loop fastener design provides an ample length of connection area to ensure the band is secure on your wrist. There are also UAG labels on this end of the band in red font.

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Active band in Midnight color

Underside view of the UAG Active Watch strap showing the red lettering advertising the durability and brand of the strap.

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UAG Leather watch band clasp

UAG also has two color Leather Watch Straps available for 44/42 and 40/38 mm size Apple Watches. I tested out the brown leather band while there is also black available. The Leather strap is available now for $69.95.

The band is constructed of genuine Italian leather that looks and smells awesome. The leather is not stiff, yet it has good thickness so it should last longer than your Apple Watch.

Stainless steel hardware is used throughout the watch while the stitching adds some style so that the band width is much less than the Apple Watch.

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UAG branded buckle

Black color custom stainless steel hardware is used on the UAG Leather Watch strap. The hardware is well made and securely holds the band on your wrist.

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Genuine leather band with plenty of holes to fit any size wrist

UAG stamped in the leather. The stitching looks to be nice and tight. There are plenty of holes to secure the watch on your wrist with the 44/42 mm Apple Watch strap fitting wrists from 152 to 210 mm in circumference. The 40/38 mm model fits wrists from 133 to 191 mm around.

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Solid stitching with stainless steel hardware

The stainless steel Apple Watch connector is secured to the leather band with a loop and stitches. It was quick and easy to attach and remove the strap from my Apple Watch.

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The bitter end is secured with a button

This is the first time I have ever seen a mechanism to secure the bitter end of a watch strap. A button is found on the outside of the last loop while the other part of the button is sewn into the end of the strap. After sliding through the metal buckle and first leather loop, you then snap the bitter end into the second loop to ensure a twice secured strap.

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