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CES 2024 97 articles

ZDNET sorts through the wave of CES news and announcements to identify innovations that will make the most impact on professionals. Learn about the newest products and trends that transform the future of work and life.

Smartphones remain the magical hubs of our digital lives, as we keep welcoming incremental advances like improved cameras, more foldable options, plus increasingly ubiquitous 5G. In 2024, our mobile devices look to wow us all over again -- with on-device AI, Qi2 charging, and all manner of form factors clamoring for our attention. ZDNET brings it all into focus.

CES annually reveals new products and trends that transform the future of work and life. ZDNET sorts through the cacophony to learn the best and most impactful innovations that coming to products in 2024.

5G can empower you with not only faster connectivity, but also immersive augmented reality, self-driving vehicles, and industrial automation. ZDNET zeroes in on how edge computing, among the most prominent innovations building on 5G, can transform your home internet, health care, shopping experience, and more.

Automation is coming, whether it's new software powered by machine-learning or Tesla's Optimus robots in factories. How will it enhance human work, personal lives, as well as increase productivity and economic activity? We'll explore that, along with the impact on jobs and the kind of labor that will be needed from people exclusively.

Some of the world's most effective organizations are putting the latest AI innovations to work in smart -- and sometimes startling -- new ways. We put the spotlight on a diverse range of organizations across different parts of the economy to see how they are automating, streamlining, and transforming the ways things are done.

From VPNs and VDI to video conferencing and collaboration platforms, IT is the foundation of today's remote, digital workforce. In this special feature, ZDNet helps business leaders understand the trends that will define the workplace over the next five years, and the technology that will help businesses adapt.

Data security was a rising concern before the pandemic. Today, the new era of hybrid work has only intensified the issue, with far more employees now splitting time between the office and remote work. Innovative new security solutions and approaches are needed to rise to the challenge.

Smartphone innovation never stops. Discover the biggest trends in mobile devices in 2023 and what it all means for you.

Whether the topic is sustainable energy, changing climate patterns, or creating resilience, technology has a key part to play in the solutions for building a better global economy. And, tech companies themselves are moving rapidly to become better citizens and change agents. Here's what we can learn.