DIY-IT Project Guide

DIY-IT Project Guide

Summary: This is the comprehensive guide to the DIY-IT projects. If you're working on a DIY project of your own, this is a good place to start.


No matter how successful you are, when you’re a small business owner, sweat equity is a major resource. Basically, whenever you can DIY something and either save some money or get a previously unobtainable capability, you do so.

Since I’m a geek, my life is filled with interesting hacks and projects that let me do more than a normal small business budget would allow. And, also, since I’m a geek, my life is also filled with hacks that are simply cool, fun, or just plain neat.

Here at ZDNet's DIY-IT, our goal is to take you inside of some of those projects, inspire you, and -- when we're very lucky -- get inspired back by you.

Many of these projects, like the Skype Studio, are really made up of something like 20-30 smaller projects, and each of those are discussed as individual articles. This guide is designed to aggregate those individual posts, so you can find everything related to a given project in one place.

Feel free to explore the projects below, try any of the projects out for yourself, and let us know about the neat stuff you're doing.

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DIY-IT Projects

We're working on, discussing, tinkering, and exploring each of the following projects

Topics: SMBs, Amazon, DIY, Microsoft, Hardware, Google, Collaboration, Apps, Apple, Android, Social Enterprise


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  • Some tangential directions to go

    I'm an ---intrigued--- Linux user.

    1) How about a paragraph or two on experiences with Linux SMS apps (since the Mac is UNIX like).

    2) Have you tried faxing from your MFP using google voice?