1.2Gb drives sweet for Xmas PCs

Sweet spot Christmas PCs will ship with 1.2Gb hard drives in the UK as inventories of smaller capacity disks get swallowed, storage market watchers said today.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

"There's a lot of inventory in the market but 850Mb drives will be used up and 1.2Gb will be priced the same as 1Gb within a few months," said Seamus Twohig, product manager at storage distributor Ideal Hardware. "The year started out with 540Mb and has gone through 850Mb and up to 1.2Gb but 1Gb has been very much the sweet spot for a while."

Twohig said there had been little demand for Quantum's Bigfoot 5.25-inch desktop hard drives. "I have a lot of salesmen who are very aggressive and they're not asking me for it. I guess [Quantum] haven't generated the volume of product to make it cheaper than 3.5-inch drives."

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