10 reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung refined the Galaxy S6 this year with the release of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It's a nearly perfect smartphone that stands on top of the rest in early 2016.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

While I posted my 10 reasons to buy the HTC 10, I can find just as many reasons for you to consider the Samsung Galaxy S7. I bought my T-Mobile Galaxy S7 Edge a month ago and it so great that it knocked the iPhone off the top of my best 10 smartphones list.

In addition to placing it at the top of my best 10 smartphones list, I chose the Samsung Galaxy S7 out of the HTC 10, LG G5, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Android flagships.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S& Edge are available on all US carriers and all indications are that Samsung is doing well with this latest flagship. Here are ten reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge:

  1. Sleek glass and aluminum design: The Galaxy S7 has sexy curves and shiny metallic finishes. It feels great in the hand and looks fabulous, when you wipe it free from all the fingerprints. I slapped on a skin to the back and it still looks great while also comfortably fitting into my front jeans pocket.
  2. Best smartphone camera: Cameras are better on Android phones today, but it's pretty clear that nothing beats the Galaxy S7. It's fast to focus, captures excellent photos in a range of lighting conditions, has support for a multitude of modes, and can honestly replace a point-and-shoot camera.
  3. Water resistance: I don't recommend dumping champagne on your phone or swimming with it at the pool, but since I run and play in the rain a lot it is comforting to know my S7 Edge should be able to survive these kinds of temporary exposures.
  4. Brilliant Super AMOLED screen: Independent testing revealed that the Galaxy S7 has the best smartphone display ever and if you are a fan of bright, colorful displays then you will love the one on the S7. I would like to see support for something like Apple Night Shift in the future, but am enjoying the brilliance of Super AMOLED.
  5. Long battery life: While the Galaxy S7 has a large 3,000 mAh battery, the S7 Edge cranks that up to 3,600 mAh. I can easily go a full day with heavy usage on my S7 Edge and it's great not to focus on the battery status on an Android phone.
  6. Physical home button: Last year I wrote why I like physical home buttons on Samsung and Apple phones. The fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate, I can launch the camera in seconds, and access to Google Now is quick and easy.
  7. microSD card: Samsung took a hiatus from microSD last year, but thankfully this support returned on the S7. While you cannot use it as adoptable storage, all of your photos, music, videos, and other supported data can be stored on a large storage card.
  8. Wireless fast charging: The Galaxy S7 supports both wireless charging standards, as well as fast wireless charging. You can also charge it via Quick Charge 2.0 technology so there are plenty of ways to top off the S7 with ease. While USB Type-C is the latest standard, it's still nice to use older microUSB cables that are easily found around the office.
  9. Virtual reality support: Virtual reality is becoming more common with the release of the HTC Vive and Oculus devices, but it's still a lot of fun to pop in your Galaxy to enjoy the Samsung Gear VR experience. Everyone who has tried mine has spent lots of time spinning in my office chair discovering a new visual world.
  10. Samsung Pay: Samsung continues to actively provide new bank support for Samsung Pay and with its magnetic secure technology you can use it in more places than Android Pay and Apple Pay. It's fun to show retailers that you can indeed use wireless payment from your phone when they tell you their system doesn't support it.

Each of us has different needs when it comes to smartphones, which is a great thing about the Android platform and its 'Be Together, Not the Same' campaign slogan. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a good choice if you want water resistance, wireless charging, and that Super AMOLED screen.

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