1GHz: The whole story

How AMD pipped Intel to the 1GHz microprocessor post
Written by ZDNet UK, Contributor

AMD turned up the heat on sworn enemy Intel on Monday by breaking the 1GHz speed barrier ahead of its industry rival.

It is no secret that these manufacturers have been in a ferocious battle to roll out a chip breaking this major landmark first, and while AMD is preening itself as the new king of the microprocessor wars, Intel has been left licking its wounds.

So how did AMD turn the tables on its giant opponent, what is the importance of this new processor speed and what does the future hold for these two adversaries? Read on to find out more.

  • 1GHz mayhem hits the UK, AMD has the lead While Intel claims it was first with the 1 GHz chip, it still has no plans for delivering them to the UK. Thu, 09 Mar 2000
  • Changing role for Intel as AMD wins IGHz race It doesn't like it, and Intel now has to rush to get processors out in volume. Thu, 09 Mar 2000
  • 1 GHz: Intel claims it was first... In a game of semiconductor one-upmanship, Intel says it was actually first to market with a 1GHz processor, even though Advanced Micro Devices made that claim days ago. Thu, 09 Mar 2000
  • Intel reaches 1GHz mark The chip race heats up again Wed, 08 Mar 2000
  • Analysis: 1GHz, great if you can get 'em Don't believe the hype Tue, 07 Mar 2000
  • AMD launches 1GHz microprocessor The race is over: AMD has won Mon, 06 Mar 2000
  • 1GHz PCs: fast, but certainly not cheap What's in it for the customer? Fri, 03 Mar 2000
  • 1GHz Pentium III PCs may launch this month AMD and Intel are neck-in-neck for 1GHz finish line Thu, 02 Mar 2000
  • Exclusive: AMD set for three-chip rollout 900MHz, 950MHz and 1GHz chips are set to hit the streets soon Thu, 02 Mar 2000
  • 1GHz race heading for spring finish The race to release the first 1GHz chip for desktops could be a photo finish Thu, 24 Feb 2000
  • AMD crashes Intel's desert chipfest Never has Palm Springs seen so much speed: AMD shows off its 1.1GHz Athlon across town from Intel's Developer Forum Thu, 17 Feb 2000
  • Intel's 1GHz: Coming sooner than you think At its Intel Developer Forum, the chip maker shows off three near-production PCs with 1GHz Pentium IIIs Wed, 16 Feb 2000
  • Surprise: Intel demos 1.5GHz processor Intel announces new details of its high-end Willamette processor, including a 1.5GHz version, and low-end Timna chips Wed, 16 Feb 2000
  • 'Willamette' heats up GHz race The curtain is about to be lifted on Intel's upcoming 1GHz-plus processor, which will fuel home computers linked via broadband to the Web Thu, 03 Feb 2000
  • Now that the gigahertz barrier has been broken, what's next? Will anyone care when we pass 2GHz? Michael Caton thinks not. Go and read the news comment at AnchorDesk UK.

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