$30 for all-you-can-eat iPhone data on Verizon

Nice deal on an introductory data plan for iPhone. Just don't get the hotspot service.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

There was some speculation around how much it would cost for data with the new Verizon iPhone, and today the WSJ, citing Verizon's COO, has put the speculation to rest. According to info that my colleague Rachel dug up earlier, Verizon will offer a $30 unlimited data plan, as a temporary promotion. That's not so terrible a deal, considering that new AT&T iPhone users no longer have an unlimited option.

I've been taking some heat lately for what has come across as my "anti-Apple" stance. It all started with my reasons to not the get the Verizon iPhone, and then continued with my recent analysis of the Verizon iPhone FAQ.

Well, I'm setting the record straight. I'm currently an iPhone 4, iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV user, so I'm all about the Apple family of products. That said, I was writing the articles to make people aware of what the Verizon iPhone would be all about. With this latest announcement it looks like Verizon is putting a nice data plan together. You still have to choose a voice plan that makes sense for you, but now we're seeing that the data plan is affordable. I can't say the same for the hotspot pricing, though, which my colleague Adrian unearthed earlier. According to his article you'll get 2GB of hotspot fun for $20 a month. But if you go over you'll pay $20 per GB! So, it doesn't sound like the hotspot on iPhone is going to be the way to go right now.

I'm still disappointed that you won't be able to make a call and check e-mails at the same time. I keep harping on that one since I even just used that functionality again today. Once you taste it, it's hard to live without it.

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