$300 Windows 10 Surface Pro lookalike makes its crowdfunding debut

You won't have to pay extra to get the stylus and keyboard with Chuwi's Surface Pro lookalike.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Chuwi's SurBook is a low-price 2-in-1 tablet PC.

Image: Chuwi

In the wake of the Microsoft Surface Pro unveiling in Shanghai, Chinese hardware maker Chuwi has launched its crowdfunding campaign for a Surface Pro lookalike.

Chuwi's Windows 10 SurBook fundraising campaign has been live on Indiegogo for days and so far has gained 399 backers who've pledged a total of $142,904.

The cheapest option available is the $300 64GB SurBook, but the one most fans have gone for is the $400 model, which includes a backlit keyboard, stylus, 6GB memory, and 128GB storage.

The company teased its forthcoming Windows 10 2-in-1 in April as a "powerful but affordable" device with strikingly similar dimensions to the Surface Pro 4. It has an identical 12.3-inch display at a 2,736 x 1,824-pixel resolution, but runs on Intel Apollo Lake processors.

Microsoft's new Surface Pro runs on the more expensive Intel Kaby Lake processors, and starts at $800 for the Core m3 model with 4GB RAM. Visually, the new Surface Pro doesn't differ that much to the Surface Pro 4.

There are several key differences other than the processor. While Chuwi's device starts with 6GB RAM, Microsoft's entry-level Surface Pro has 4GB RAM. Chuwi also throws in the keyboard and stylus at no extra costs, while Microsoft charges extra for these.

The SurBook features one USB Type-C port and two Type-A USB ports compared with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pro's single USB Type-A port. However, the SurBook is 200 grams heavier and slightly thicker than Microsoft's Surface Pro.

Also, the new Surface Pro has a 13.5-hour battery life, while the SurBook has an eight-hour life.

Though the SurBook promises to match many features of the Surface Pro at a lower price, it won't suit those who need the higher performance of Microsoft's own device and larger capacity storage.

According to Chuwi, the SurBook 2-in-1s will be shipped around July.


Chuwi has set out its comparison of the SurBook, Surface Pro 4, and iPad Pro.

Image: Chuwi

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