450,000 iPads sold but how many returned?

iPads are being returned as people try to figure out what problem the device is trying to solve.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Yesterday Apple treated the world to what's coming in iPhone OS 4.0. So far the reviews are mixed, but what was more interesting was how many iPads are flying off the shelves.

On Monday Apple announced that it had sold 300,000 iPads by end of day Saturday, and now we're hearing that more than 450,000 have been sold. What's most interesting about that stat, though, is that I heard from a source that there's a tremendous amount of buyer's remorse with the iPad, and people are coming in droves to return them.

It's not surprising for me to hear that people are returning them. I've said in the past that I'm still undecided about my own purchase, and if I wasn't a publisher / developer of Apps myself, I probably would be returning it, too. The main reason at this stage being that I'm just not finding where it totally belongs in my collection. I have an iPhone and a laptop, and between the two of them, most of my computing needs are met. The iPad sitting in between isn't really solving a problem for me.

At any rate, we'll never know for sure how many iPads end up being returned, nor how many Apple products usually get returned days after becoming available. One thing is for certain, though, there's still no killer app, and I'm not the only one who remains confused as to what problem the iPad is trying to solve for the consumer and professional.

UPDATE: I've been asked to reveal my source. While I can't do that I can tell you that I confirmed this with multiple sources, including workers at Apple Stores, before writing it. In addition, I was told that users are exchanging iPads because of dead pixels. Again, I have no idea of the numbers but my sources tell me that it has been a lot more than they usually see after a product starts selling.

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