5 cool gadgets to help declutter your desk

Your desk is probably disorganized and downright messy if you're like many of us. These cool gadgets will help get it all under control.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

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Harinacs Staple-free Stapler

Try as we might to push all documents to the cloud, there's no getting around those pieces of paper that still clutter our desks. We've all picked up papers and grabbed the stapler, only to find it empty. This leads to a search for the box of staples we're sure we have somewhere. Or worse, had the thing jam, leading to a frustrating session of clearing the bent metal staple out of the device.

That's a thing of the past with this stapler that doesn't use staples. This gadget uses an innovative system that securely interlocks up to eight pages by perforating them in a way that holds them together like a staple.

Get the Harinacs Staple-free Stapler for $16.00.

Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management

I'll bet your desk is cluttered with cables. Many have laptops, PCs, tablets, and smartphones on the desk, and all the cables that go with them. Now you can get those cables out of the way and organized with this inexpensive gadget.

The Quirky Cordies is a small unit with a clever system of troughs that holds cables in place. It can handle 10 cables, lining them up for a neat solution to the clutter.

I have two of them on my desk and they are wonderful. They hold the cables securely yet let you easily remove them or pull them to reach the laptop for charging.

Get the Quirky Cordies for $9.20.

iDapt Universal 3+ Charger

Lots of gadgets on the desk requires lots of chargers, and this one can charge three devices. It features a small base with a full USB port on the side, and two modular charging tips on top.

It ships with two microUSB tips and one miniUSB tip for older devices. You can order other tips such as Lightning tips for iPhones.

Phones plug directly into a tip which supports them so the screen can be used.

I have used one of these for years and it has served me well.

Get the iDapt Universal 3+ Charger for $24.99.

Twelvesouth HiRise Deluxe for iPhone and iPad mini

A good charging stand for the iPhone and iPad mini should have a small footprint on the desk, and serve as a stand for using the device while charging.

The HiRise Deluxe is very durable with brushed aluminum construction. It can handle iPhones with a Lightning connector, even those in typical phone cases. The phone is easy to put on the stand and remove.

There are cheaper charging stands out there but this one is attractive and functional.

Get the Twelvesouth HiRise Deluxe for $34.99.

Magic Lamp of Light and Charging

A good lamp is a good tool for working at the desk at night. An adjustable desk lamp is best with the ability to position it as needed. In spite of the geeky name, this one does this and so much more, as it can charge three gadgets.

The gooseneck construction allows positioning the light exactly as you need it. It has eight brightness levels to give just the right amount of light. It has a small base that doesn't take up much room on the desk.

This base has one 2.4A USB port for charging tablets and two 1A USB ports for charging phones and other small gadgets. It is expensive, but with all of the features it is not a stretch.

Get the Magic Lamp of Light and Charging for $129.99.

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