5 cool things to do with TV-out on the Nokia N93

The Nokia N93 has a unique feature that lets you extend the display to an external display. An integrated graphics chip and software allow you to use your TV as a monitor for the smartphone.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Credit: All About Symbian

Back in July when the Nokia N93 was first getting reviewed by the press we found out about its amazing multimedia capabilities. Steve Litchfield from All About Symbian just posted some thoughts on how you can utilize the unique TV-out feature on the device for business and entertainment. Steve used the device as a truly mobile computer by hooking it up to a hotel room TV with a Bluetooth keyboard (now this is something I could really get into) for document editing and email composition, connecting to a TV for gaming at a buddies house, connecting to a stereo system/speakers for a digital jukebox, connecting to a TV for web surfing in the living room, and 3G video calling with the company's TV set. The more I read about how functional the device is the more excited I get about the prospects of trying one out in the next couple months.

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