5 unique accessories for iPad and iPhone: From self-healing cases to TV antennas

The huge third-party ecosystem for iPhone and iPad accessories means there are lots to choose from. These accessories are not the typical fare, and add value to the iDevice in innovative ways.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

5 unique accessories for iPad and iPhone gallery

Ventev Regen

There are hundreds of cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, each designed to offer protection from bumps and scratches. Many are minimal cases that protect the back of the iPhone while leaving the phone display unprotected. This makes the cases thin and light, while keeping the iPhone as small as possible.

While cases keep the iPhone from getting scratched in everyday use, they do that by taking on the scratches. Over time, many cases get scratched and scuffed, causing them to look scruffy.

The Ventev Regen is like those cases with one unique difference. This clear Regen case protects the iPhone, but has the ability to heal itself. According to Ventev, the Regen has a micro-filling coating that makes scratches on the case disappear in a few hours.

The owner doesn't have to do anything; scratches simply disappear. This keeps the case looking brand new.

The Ventev Regen is $24.99 for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Bobine Charging Cable

This charging cable for iPhones with lightning connectors (like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) is like many others you find on the web, but with the ability to work as a stand for the phone. The metal construction allows twisting it into any shape you want to serve different functions.

Twist it to form a base for the phone and you have a convenient stand for the iPhone. It's strong enough to support the iPhone in landscape, too. Plug it into a laptop to charge the iPhone and arrange the cable to stand the phone next to the laptop screen for handy reference while working.

It's also useful as a tripod-like stand for iPhone photography.

The Bobine Charge Cable is $34.95 on Amazon.

Elgato EyeTV Mobile

Those cutting the cord to get free of paid cable TV should check out this gadget. It features a lightning connector for late model iPads and iPhones with a telescoping antenna for pulling in network TV broadcasts.

Since it's receiving over-the-air broadcasting, using the Elgato EyeTV Mobile doesn't require an internet connection, which means no data charges when watching TV.

The EyeTV has an internal tuner that works with the free EyeTV app. Install the app, plug in the device to the iPhone or iPad and you're watching live TV.

There is an older model with a 30-pin connector for older iPhones and iPads.

The Elgato EyeTV Mobile is $25.95 on Amazon.

Toshiba TransferJet Module for rapid file transfer

There are several ways to transfer files from one iPhone or iPad to another, but the TransferJet from Toshiba is probably the safest way to do so. The module uses proprietary technology from Toshiba that connects two iOS devices simply by bringing them close to one another.

Since the two devices must be close to work, this technology is more secure than other methods. Nothing is touching the web during the transfer which protects the system from hackers.

The TransferJet Module can transfer files at 560 Mbps, making it ideal for handling large files. It is expected to go on sale soon in Japan, followed by the US and EU.

Inko iPad keyboard case

There are many keyboard cases available for the iPad, and we've tried dozens of them. None of them are as beautiful nor innovative as the Inko. It is constructed out of fine leather, with the electric circuits tattooed onto the leather using conductive ink.

The Inko is the work of French designer Alexander Echasseriau, and is a concept that we hope makes it to market. It features round sculpted keys that are stunning in appearance. We'll reserve judgement on how practical this may be for typing until it (hopefully) hits the market, but they are gorgeous.

The back of the case is a collection of bubbles that provides an attractive, secure grip for the portfolio case. These bubbles also serve as a prop for the iPad.

The concept of tattooing the electronic circuitry onto leather is innovative, and seems practical for an iPad keyboard case.

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