5G: Three will provide customers with upgrade from 4G at no extra cost

Three announces that 5G will be offered to customers at the same cost as 4G, while Vodafone confirms roaming across 55 towns and cities across the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain.
Written by Danny Palmer, Senior Writer

Three will offer 5G connectivity to its customers at no extra cost, and without speed caps on the mobile data services, the mobile network provider has announced.

Three will start rolling-out its 5G network in August, initially in London, before spreading to a further 24 towns and cities across the UK by the end of the year. The company claims that 80% of its network traffic will be covered by 5G within three years.

New and existing Three customers with a 5G-ready device can adjust their data plan as soon as 5G becomes available in their area -- or later, if they choose -- and receive the faster download speeds.

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"Three is leading the way with 5G, by providing our customers with unlimited data and the fastest speeds. Our customers will be able to enjoy and explore a full 5G experience, at the same cost as 4G," said Three CEO Dave Dyson.

"The forthcoming months are going to be game-changing and with our unrestricted plans, we are looking forward to unleashing the full potential of 5G to all," Dyson added.

Three revealed its 5G pricing plans as Vodafone announced 5G availability and roaming across 55 towns and cities across the UK, as well as Germany, Italy, and Spain. Vodafone is also offering 5G at the same price as 4G – even when roaming.

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"With 5G in more places than with any other network, our customers can keep in touch with loved ones at home, colleagues in the office or with their business customers while they're travelling abroad," said Vodafone UK CEO Nick Jeffery.

Vodafone was the second mobile provider to launch its UK 5G network, on 3 July; EE, which started its 5G rollout on 30 May, was first, while O2 will launch its UK 5G network in October.

5G-compatible handsets available from Three include the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G. Vodafone is offering the Galaxy S10 5G and Mi Mix 3.


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