A clever use of iPhones in IZABO's music video

Plenty of performers have been shown playing out their compositions on the iPhone, but IZABO is using the iPhone in a new way in its latest music video.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

We've seen plenty of videos where the performers are actually playing musical instruments on the iPhone, but today I received word of a video where the band, IZABO, uses the iPhone as a part of the video. It's better viewed than read about, but imagine shots of the performers singing and then being interspersed with videos and animations playing out on the iPhone at the appropriate times. For example, there's more than one instance of the performers holding iPhones up to different parts of their faces and having a video of a mouth or eyes, perfectly synced to the music.

According to IZABO, they used about 17 different iPhones to make this video possible, and only faked two shots, which they detail in the making of video below.

I definitely thought that a lot of the video was faked, but as you can see in the video above, it was all carefully planned out.

You can watch the actual video in its entirety below.

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