A Year Ago: Soaraway Sun does Net in a Bun

Originally published Tue, 30 Mar 1999 15:08:13 GMT
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

Wanna go for a surf? Grab today's Sun for the latest way to get on the Net with its very own CurrantBun.com ISP service.

The paper which immortalised Freddy Star's taste for rodents is heralding its venture into cyberspace as ‘the People's Portal'. With a daily circulation of 3.7m the Sun hopes to target the biggest number of potential Internet users ever reached in one hit.

CurrantBun.com offers the usual free access, unlimited e-mail addresses, Web tools, online shopping and access to the Sun online. The launch is accompanied by a massive 12 page Internet guide in today's paper, promising its readers jargon-free connection to the Internet and claiming ‘surfin's simply fun using Currant Bun'.

According to the guide the Internet "is no longer for nerds and boffins, but for ordinary people like you and me".

Editor of the Sun David Yelland said of the launch: "CurrantBun will complement the paper in many ways and will offer opportunities and content that are not in the paper and vice versa."

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