Accenture eyes wider global expansion with Salesforce.com partnership

Accenture prepares to grow its global workforce at a rapid pace this year as it signs on for more collaboration with Salesforce.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Accenture is working on building up its relationship with Salesforce.com, which could help speed up its global expansion efforts at the same time.

Part of this two-for-one deal is based on opening new innovation centers in major cities worldwide. For example, Accenture has just announced the launch of the Accenture Innovation Center for Salesforce.com in London, designed to serve as a showcase of products and services offered by both enterprises.

Last September amidst Salesforce's major annual powwow in San Francisco, Dreamforce, Accenture opened the doors to an innovation center dedicated to social media in Silicon Valley.

To build upon its existing delivery centers in the China, India and the Philippines, Accenture is promising to debut similar centers later this year in more locations in the United States as well as Canada and France.

Accenture also has other plans for more teamwork with Salesforce.com, primarily focused on some of the Salesforce's favorite topics such as the social enterprise and collaboration. One of the products where this partnership might be the most visible would be Salesforce Chatter.

Other plans for the Accenture-Salesforce roadmap including collaboration on digital marketing and analytics, architecture frameworks, and developing tools for supporting enterprise-level projects.


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