Accenture intends to acquire Adaptly in social media marketing push

Adaptly focuses on ad content delivery based on social contexts.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Accenture has announced plans to acquire Adaptly in a bid to boost its online marketing business via social media distribution and data analytics.

On Wednesday, the services company said the deal "will help us to further reinvent today's operating approach by re-engineering the campaign process with data, applied intelligence and digital technologies -- resulting in improved [return on investment] ROI and greater transparency for our clients' digital media omnichannel campaigns."

Financial details were not disclosed.

Founded in 2010, New York-based Adaptly is a marketing firm which specializes in the distribution of content across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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The company has developed a single sign-on platform of its own which brings together all of these channels for streamlined marketing and ad campaigns. The solution permits users to check campaign metrics, customize their ad preferences and priorities, and see the results of where media budgets are being spent -- and to what effect.

Adaptly has previously conducted four funding rounds, raising a total of $13.2 million.

Adaptly is destined to become the latest addition to the Accenture Interactive Programmatic Services, a platform based on multi-channel advertising.

"Brands now have the opportunity to deliver more value through ads that are relevant to consumer identities and social contexts," said Scott Tieman, global head of Programmatic Services at Accenture. "Consistent with our mission to create, build and run the best customer experiences on the planet, Adaptly will complement our full suite of experience services and enhance our ability to deliver better, faster and more effective advertising campaigns."

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In a blog post, Adaptly CEO and co-founder Nikhil Sethi said that while the firm's mission has changed, the "focus" remains the same, to "solving the most complex media activation challenges and driving business outcomes for our clients and partners."

Closure of the deal is subject to regulatory approval.

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In April, Accenture purchased Certus Solutions, an Oracle Platinum partner, in order to encourage enterprise clients to shift towards Oracle cloud solutions.

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