Acer delays launch of Athlon DDR chipset

New chipset brings next-generation memory into play
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

Acer Laboratories says it will delay the launch of its upcoming next-generation chipset for Advanced Micro Devices' Athlon processor, according to industry reports.

Athlon is AMD's top-end processor -- it recently unveiled a revamp of the technology codenamed Thunderbird, which requires new chipsets from suppliers such as Acer.

The chipset, set to be unveiled at this week's Platform 2000 conference in San Jose, is the first from Acer to enable double data rate (DDR) RAM memory. DDR, along with Rambus DRAM, aims to eliminate the memory-speed bottleneck that is increasingly a problem as PC processor clock speeds go sky-high.

Acer said it wanted to wait until first silicon is achieved to unveil the product, a delay of several weeks.

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