Adobe rolls out new commerce capabilities for the post-cookie era

Adobe said its latest updates are designed to help retailers focus on the data they already own and optimize it for insights.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Adobe on Tuesday announced a slate of new capabilities for the Adobe Experience Cloud that aim to help retailers utilize first-party data as part of their customer acquisition and engagement strategies. 

With the end of third-part cookies on the horizon, Adobe said marketing teams will be challenged to find ways to scale personalized consumer experiences without the use of cookie data. Part of the solution to that problem, according to Adobe, is for retailers to focus on the data they already own and optimize it for insights.

"Scaling personalized experiences in a world where customers have control over how brands use their data is the next big thing for marketers in any business to tackle," Adobe said in a blog post. "To succeed, brands must put quality first-party data at the center of their customer acquisition and engagement strategy to build trust and deliver brand experiences with only the information customers choose to share."  

With that in mind, Adobe is announcing the beta release of Adobe Experience Platform Segment Match, which lets brands collaborate to expand first-party data sets via partnerships. Retailers with similar target demographics can team up to match first party customer profiles with segment metadata for better insights and improved personalization.  

Adobe is also adding new capabilities to the Experience Platform that work to streamline the data collection process. With the general availability of Profile, Audience, Activation & License Usage Insights directly integrated into Adobe Real-time CDP, companies will receive a daily report of key insights such as audience growth trends, customer growth analysis, and channel engagement.

Meanwhile, Adobe said its Journey Optimizer tool is now generally available and is designed to help companies build, orchestrate and deliver personalized messages and promotions based on real-time customer data. The tool combines multiple data types including behavioral and transactional with AI and machine learning, Adobe said. Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials, a lightweight UI of Experience Manager assets, serves as the default asset management experience for Journey Optimizer. 

The company also announced that its tool for AI-powered live search within Adobe Commerce is now generally available. The Sensei-powered search and recommendation feature lets merchants add "searchandising" capabilities to their website, which gives their customers personalized search-as-they-type results that become smarter over time.


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