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A Computer Information Systems graduate wants to know which job to pursue that would take advantage of his degree covering computer science and business administration.
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I have just earned my degree in Computer Information Systems--a blend of computer science and business administration.

My major courses were in accounting, finance, marketing and operations management. I am confused as to which career path would fully utilize both the computer science and business parts of my degree.

My personal interest is towards databases or any related field.

  • What field would you suggest I pursue?
  • What is the best path to pursue in that field, considering I am a fresh graduate without any field experience?
  • If I pursue certifications to strengthen my resume (since I don’t have any experience), which certifications would you recommend that would help me break into the industry?

Career advice from Richard Talbot, general manager of IT recruitment specialist, Sapphire Technologies Singapore:
Thank you for your question. Your degree in Computer Information Systems would seem to suit you towards a role as a functional consultant or business analyst within the IT space.

People with your background with a strong business understanding as well as a solid systems understanding generally do well in these types of roles.

To follow a career path focusing on business analysis, you need to select an industry sector such as banking, manufacturing, legal etc. Or if you are interested in choosing a specific software product to specialise in, you need to make that selection (SAP, Oracle, Cognos, Business Objects etc) and look to become a systems functional consultant implementing that product.

Experience is king and training is difficult to find. Choose a sector, research it well, investigate who is a big user in your space and target them for junior roles.

Remember the first job is always the hardest to find so be persistent and you will succeed. Good luck!

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