AirPods Pro: Quick tips and tricks to get the most from your $250 earbuds

Got a pair of Apple's AirPods Pro? Here are some quick tips and tricks to help you get the most out of them (including how to double battery life).
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Apple's AirPods Pro are, without a doubt, amazing. While physically they're small and inconspicuous, they can, however, do so very much. But as with most Apple products, much of that functionality is not made obvious.

If you've spent $250 on a pair of earbuds, it pays to get the most out of them.

Here are a handful of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of them.

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#1: Wireless charging comes as standard

Unlike AirPods, AirPods Pro come with wireless charging as standard. When you initially pop them on a charging mat the charging light comes on, but after a little while it dims and switches off.

To see the charge level, give the case a little tap and the LED will come back on. Amber means the case is still charging, while green means it is fully charged.

#2: How to control noise cancelation

There are two ways to control AirPods Pro noise cancelation on an iOS device. The easiest is to open Control Center and, with the AirPods Pro connected, long-press on the volume control to bring up the AirPods Pro control. From here, you can use the slider at the bottom to shift between noise cancelation, transparency mode, or switch both off.

Another way is to go Settings > Bluetooth, click on the i for the AirPods Pro to get access to the settings.

#3: Lost your AirPods Pro?

Use Find My to find them. Not only can you see their last know location on a map -- handy if you lost them outdoors -- but if they are nearby but hiding, you can get them to play a sound.

#4: Test how well your AirPods Pro fit in your ear

To do this, go Settings > Bluetooth, click on the i for the AirPods Pro and click on Ear Tip Fit Test. This feature plays a sound through the earbuds and uses the built-in microphones to "listen" for sound leakage.

#5: How to check AirPods Pro battery life

There are several ways.

  • You can ask Siri.
  • From the Battery widget screen
  • From your Apple Watch  -- swipe up for Control Center, tap the battery icon, and scroll down

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#6: Adjust AirPods Pro clicker sensor speed and duration

Finding the AirPods Pro "clicker" that controls play/pause and such a little fiddly? You can adjust the settings for Press Speed and Press and Hold Duration by going Settings > Accessibility > AirPods.

#7: Set noise cancelation for one ear only

This can be handy if you use one earbud for making and taking calls. Go to Settings > Accessibility > AirPods.

#8: How to double your AirPods Pro battery life

How? Use one AirPod Pro earbud at a time, and just keep swapping between them!

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#9: Transform your iPhone into a microphone

This is an interesting way to use your AirPods Pro to transform your iPhone into a remote microphone. Here's how.

First, you need to add Hearing to Control Center by going Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and tapping + next to Hearing.

Now, from Control Center, tap Hearing and select Live Listen.

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