Aligned Data Centers opens Plano, TX data center

The facility features pay-for-use power billing.
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

Aligned Data Centers has completed construction of its 3000,000 sq ft data center in Plano Texas. The facility is unique in the pay-for-use concept that Aligned is championing, where customers commit to power based on what they use and not on a more general commitment to a certain amount of megawatts for the life of their contract.

The 300,000 sq ft is just the start on the 19 acre campus, according to Aligned, which plans to build an additional 200,000 sq ft as needed. Currently the facility features 30 MW of capacity, with a maximum of 25kW per rack which can support high density computing. Power and cooling are 2N, the design used the Uptime Institute Tier III model (though it is not a Tier certified facility), and is carrier-neutral, with Zayo, UPN, Level 3, Time Warner, and Verizon currently accessible on-site.

Aligned believes that its pay-for-use power billing model can save customers up to 70 percent when compared to standard colocation contract power prices. Much like other on-demand capacity providers in the technology world, the Aligned model offers the same sort of scale on demand benefits, though in a somewhat more complex fashion, that customers are beginning to expect.

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