Amazon Echo now reads Audible books to you

An update has just rolled out to the Amazon Echo that enables working with Audible books.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
Amazon keeps adding features to the Echo, and the latest will make fans of Audible books happy. The notification sent to Amazon Echo owners states that using the new feature is as easy as saying "Alexa, read [book title]."

From Amazon:

Now you can listen to audiobooks from Audible with Echo. Audiobooks offer a great way to enjoy your favorite books while relaxing, cooking, or spending time together with family. Listening to audiobooks from your Audible library is easy. Here's how:
Start any book you own with "Alexa, read [Audible book title]"
Resume the current book you're reading by saying "Alexa, read my book."
Control playback with "Alexa, go back/forward."
Echo also supports Whispersync for Voice, which allows you to seamlessly switch between reading and listening with your eligible Kindle books. You can read on your Kindle, tablet, or smartphone and then continue listening on your Echo, right where you left off.

Since the rollout of the Amazon Echo the company has regularly added features. These include support for music services, iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora to name a few, and the ability to control smart home appliances.

Can having Alexa read any Kindle book be far behind?

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