Amazon Halo View goes for $79.99, adds fitness, nutrition services

Amazon's Halo View is an upgrade for the fitness tracker, but the real focus for Amazon is offering more health services.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Amazon is rolling out its next phase of being a health wearable player with Halo View, a fitness tracker with a display, as well as a series of services for workouts and nutrition.

A year ago, Amazon launched Halo with a $3.99 monthly subscription with programs, workouts, meditation tools and tracking. The first Halo band was built to be distraction free, but it has added a screen.

Halo View has a display to metrics, live tracking, 7-day battery life and sports band colors and options. Halo View will run for $79.99 with a year subscription.

Amazon is also launching Halo Fitness for workouts. Halo Fitness along with Halo View will be available later this year. Amazon is also launching a Halo Nutrition service that will be included in the Halo membership.

I was a customer of the first Halo and found it interesting. I noted it was sometimes delightfully creepy and even a work tool.

The catch is that it wasn't interesting enough to warrant wearing two devices or replace my Garmin Fenix. With workouts and a nutrition service, the Halo subscription will offer more value. Amazon's challenge is that there's only so much room on the wrist for fitness trackers. Amazon's workaround is offering a compelling $3.99 a month set of services to get you into the Halo fold.


Key points about Halo View include:

  • AMOLED color display.
  • Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition, available in January 2022, bundled into Halo membership.
  • Optical sensor for heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring.
  • Integration with Alexa.
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