Amazon Instant Video lands on PlayStation 3

With the addition of Amazon Instant Video to the PlayStation 3, Amazon's streaming service is inching towards ubiquity.
Written by Ricardo Bilton, Contributor

PlayStation 3, meet Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon's video streaming service is now available on the Playstation 3, making Sony's device the first game console to get the app.

As it has with other big announcements, Amazon dropped the news on the front page of its website, a clear indication that it's something the company wants its customers to know about.

The news has at least two obvious implications. One, it makes more obvious the noticeable lack of Amazon Instant Video for the Xbox 360, and two, it proves that Amazon is willing to take on rival Netflix on multiple fronts - in this case, game consoles.

Customers must sign up for Amazon's $79-per-annum Prime service in order to use the service, though Amazon is making available for free the first episodes of over one hundred television programs in celebration of the PS3 app's release.

(Update: Amazon has pointed out to me that over 120,000 movies and TV shows can be accessed without an Amazon Prime account, which makes the deal a fair bit sweeter.)

Last week, Microsoft announced the addition of MLB.TV and HBO Go to the Xbox 360. Like Sony, the company is trying to make its console the center of the living room, an effort that is as difficult as it is potentially rewarding.

As for Amazon, a part of the deal with Sony is getting the Instant Video app preinstalled and featured heavily on PS3 consoles, which should give you a clear idea of what Amazon's intentions are here.

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