Amazon offers software development kit to expand Dash button replenishment program to more screens

Amazon's Dash program is expanding with new partners, the the effort is likely to get a bigger boost via an SDK that will take reordering to more screened devices.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Amazon is expanding its Amazon Dash Services with Virtual Dash Button Service, an SDK that will allow developers to will add one-click reordering from multiple connected devices.

The Dash program initially featured a physical button that would trigger reorders of supplies. By adding the Virtual Dash Button Services, Amazon can expand its supplies replenishment sales.

Amazon isn't going to abandon the physical Dash button play. After all, Amazon said it has added HP, Kenmore, 3M Filtrete, Epson and Blustream to the Dash program. Dash can connect to connected devices via sensors and automatically reorder supplies.

The virtual version of Dash will be offered through the Virtual Dash Button Service, an SDK that allows third parties to add software-based reordering to screened devices. These shortcuts will allow Amazon Prime members to reorder products.

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While HP's printers that will automatically reorder ink are interesting, Amazon's Virtual Dash Button Service may have a bigger impact. The technical details of the service (VDBS) work like this:

VDBS exposes a JavaScript SDK through an Amazon-hosted endpoint to third-party webrendering engines. This JS SDK is used for customizing and obtaining Dash Button UI components (e.g., HTML, CSS), performing Dash Button-related data operations and leveraging core Dash Button UX business logic (e.g., JavaScript events).While some use cases may require using VDBS REST APIs directly, it is recommended you take advantage of the JS SDK. Additionally, secure access tokens obtained through Amazon's separate LWA (Login with Amazon) service are required for any data related operations through VDBS.

For now, enterprises need to email Amazon to get started with VDBS, but the program will be open to the public in the months to come.

LG, Samsung and Whirlpool are early users of VDBS.

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