Amazon rolling out Alexa to its Android shopping app

After Alexa came to iOS via Amazon's main shopping app earlier this year, the personal voice assistant has begun rolling out on Android this week.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
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Amazon is beginning to rollout its Alexa voice assistant to the Amazon shopping app on Android, the company confirmed to TechCrunch. The update brings Alexa, found on Echo speakers and other devices, to Android for the first time.

Alexa within the shopping app will do more than just order your laundry detergent. The personal assistant has features like to-do lists, news, and weather, and it delivers other real time information. Alexa can also control smart devices via Skills.

Alexa is part of Amazon's big artificial intelligence push, and adding Alexa to the shopping app gets it in front of more users. It was added to the iOS Amazon shopping app earlier this year.

Alexa is accessible in the Amazon app by pressing the microphone on the search bar.

If you're not seeing Alexa on the Amazon app, don't panic, as the feature is still rolling out to all users. Amazon hasn't made a formal announcement, but it appears the feature is rolling out to Echo owners first.

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