Amazon: The world's most innovative tech company

From Alexa Skills Blueprints to AWS to Prime, Larry Dignan and Bill Detwiler make the case for Amazon as the most innovative tech company on the planet. (Analysis and news roundup.)
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Why Amazon's Alexa Skill Blueprints are a master stroke

Amazon has opened up Alexa to the masses with Alexa Skill Blueprints and integrated the digital assistant even more with families. Here's why these Alexa code-free templates make good business sense.

Amazon Prime has more than 100 million members; Bezos outlines tips to teach high standards

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' 2018 shareholder letter has a few key disclosures as well as some management tips to ponder.

Enterprises learning to love cloud lock-in too: Is it different this time?

Don't look now but more enterprises are going "all-in" with select cloud providers. Will enterprises repeat the same lock-in mistakes made in the big enterprise software era?

How to build an Amazon Alexa skill without writing code (TechRepublic)

New Alexa Skill Blueprints offer a point-and-click method for creating skills for the digital assistant.

Getting started with Alexa and smart home tech for under $100

It's hard to believe how much the price of smart home tech has come down. We show a bunch of ways to save money, including a configuration that will let you control five devices with an Amazon Alexa, all for under a hundred bucks total (including the Echo).

Alexa smartphone: Amazon's next strike in the mobile IoT war?

Google and Apple are behind in the Internet of Things, but they have the leading mobile platforms.

Big Bezos: Amazon Alexa controls my entire freakin' house

My entire residence is under voice command. It's always listening. Isn't this what we wanted?

Amazon doesn't sweat competitors, but every other company needs to answer the Amazon question

Amazon is focused on customers rather than competitors and that's bad news for every other company, which has to worry about real or imagined competition from the e-commerce and cloud juggernaut.

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