Amazon: We want to be on CloudStore part three

After missing out on joining the second round of suppliers able to sell cloud services through the UK government's online marketplace, Amazon said it's hoping to make it third time lucky with the CloudStore.
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Amazon is hoping for a place on third round of the government's CloudStore supplier list, after it ran out of time to get a place on the public sector's online cloud services marketplace.

The CloudStore was opened in February this year as a way of enabling public sector organisations to buy from a catalogue of pre-approved cloud offerings – including platform and infrastructure as a service (PaaS and IaaS) products.

Since its launch, there have been two framework deals for the CloudStore. While cloud giants Salesforce and Amazon Web Services were widely expected to get a place on the second, AWS missed out on making its CloudStore debut.

However, the cloud giant is still keen to get in on the CloudStore action.

"The worldwide public sector is an important and fast growing customer segment for Amazon Web Services and we continue to help local and central governments around the world develop their cloud strategies," an AWS spokesman told ZDNet on Monday. 

"We currently work with public sector departments in the UK and work through a strong partner ecosystem to provide Amazon Web Services to the UK government outside of the G-Cloud programme. We look forward to watching the G-Cloud programme evolve and working with the UK government on the upcoming third round of the bidding process."

Cloudstore part three coming

The second framework for the CloudStore was announced in October, with over 450 suppliers providing more than 3,100 separate cloud services making the cut. According to Denise McDonagh, G-Cloud programme director, its successor will be out in a matter of months, and will quite possibly see AWS making an appearance.

"We don't have Amazon on [the CloudStore] just now. The reason for that is, we just clear ran out of time...  we're still in discussions with Amazon in terms of how we get on with framework three," McDonagh told a UKAuthority webcast on Wednesday.

"With other procurements, if you missed the boat and didn't get on that framework, that was you for a few years. The beauty of G-Cloud is we will put out next framework in the next three to six months and, at that point, we will continue discussions with Amazon and hopefully we'll be successful in concluding our discussions with them," McDonagh said.

To date, over £2m of sales have been agreed through the CloudStore, in 99 separate deals.

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