Anaplan to run on Google Cloud as two companies forge deeper partnership

The two companies will combine efforts to offer analytics to industries such as retail and healthcare.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Anaplan will offer its enterprise and business performance software on Google Cloud in its first public cloud offering as the two companies extend their partnership.

Google Cloud has been targeting independent software vendors so it can integrate its analytics capabilities with providers that can reach vertical markets.

"We will have a joint go-to-market to create top-line growth for Anaplan, obviously workloads for us and innovation for customers," said Siddhartha Agarwal, managing director of SaaS partnerships and co-innovation at Google Cloud.

Ana Pinczuk, chief development officer at Anaplan, said the partnership with Google Cloud will give her company greater reach and scale. "As we open up our platform, you'll see more AI and machine learning sitting on top of Anaplan," she said. "Our customers often use Google's capabilities like BigQuery."

Last week, Anaplan announced PlanIQ, a managed service that will combine the company's enterprise planning with Amazon Forecast. See: Anaplan integrates with AWS, Amazon Forecast with PlanIQ managed service

As for the Google Cloud and Anaplan partnership, both companies are familiar with each other. Google has been an Anaplan customer since 2016 and has deployed it on its cloud services for everything from sales to supply chain and finance.

Pinczuk said Anaplan has its own data centers, but also uses Google Cloud for data residency requirements in Europe and Asia.

Anaplan features an in-memory calculation engine that will run on Google Cloud. The combination is designed to run simulations and forecasts faster and more frequently. What used to be a forecast schedule of every few months or quarterly has now become an almost daily happening amid COVID-19.

The two companies along with services partners will offer Anaplan with an extended platform for storage and analytics with BigQuery and Google Cloud's AI and machine learning services. Consulting firms like Deloitte, Slalom and Wipro will support the partnership. 


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