Google Cloud launches Anthos updates for identity, Kubernetes clusters, app modernization tools

The updates highlight how Google Cloud is leveraging Anthos to win more enterprise accounts.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Google Cloud launched a series of new Anthos tools that revolve around modernizing applications.

The rollout, delivered during the latest installment of the Next OnAir virtual conference, highlight how Google Cloud is leveraging Anthos to win more enterprise accounts.

Google Cloud has been stepping up its Anthos cadence as it has been gaining traction in hybrid enterprise deployments. 

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Among the Anthos updates:

  • Google Cloud launched the Anthos Identity Service, which will enable identity tools to work with Anthos workloads. Anthos Identity Service will support OpenID Connect and be available for Anthos on-premises and Anthos on AWS beta.
  • Anthos Attached Clusters will aim to bring Kubernetes clusters into Anthos.
  • Anthos for bare metal is now in beta with the ability to run Anthos on-premises and at the edge without a hypervisor.
  • General availability of Speech-to-Text On-Prem, which represents Anthos' first hybrid AI tool.

In addition, the company launched Google Cloud Application Modernization Program (CAMP) as well as Cloud CODE IDE plugins with Cloud Run to integrate developer experiences.

CAMP includes:

  • Assessment and benchmarking tools designed to highlight priorities, maximize returns and show companies where they should modernize applications.
  • Tooling for security, change management, rollouts and elasticity. Tools include Cloud Code, Cloud Build, Container Registry and Cloud Ops.
  • Best practices and documentation.


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