And now for some good news... How to fall in love with email all over again

Email can be a drag on any user's life. After using Outlook for more than a decade, for one writer it was time to change. In choosing Gmail, he fell in love with email all over again.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor
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You'll struggle to find someone in this day and age who loves email. We're talking truly loving it.

Because for the vast majority, we're stuck using one product, day in and day out, either Outlook or Gmail, or some antiquated, legacy text-based email system that nobody recognizes and hasn't been updated in years. It's a drag, and we all know it.

One ZDNet writer, David Gewirtz, has used Outlook for more than a decade — since before Windows XP was brought into the world. 

He had, like most power users, unique requirements. He explained in a post earlier this year: "My problem wasn't managing my old email. My problem was managing the extreme flow of new email."

He wanted to stop hating Outlook and learn to love it again, but just couldn't. The love story was over. 

When a door closes, another door opens — as is often the case, goes the saying.

After a week's worth of work, he finally made the switch from Microsoft's Exchange server and Outlook desktop combo to Gmail's web-based interface. It wasn't a death strike to Microsoft — Gewirtz remains a long-time user of PowerPoint, and other Office desktop apps. 

As for Gewirtz? He's probably the only person you'll find in this day and age who, despite the agony and stress of switching providers, actually loves email again.

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