Android 11 developer preview 3 is now available

Google has released the third developer preview of the upcoming Android update and it includes mostly developer tools and improvements.
Written by Jason Cipriani, Contributing Writer

Google on Thursday released the third Android 11 developer betastaying true to its own release schedule. The third update is only intended for developers to use and continue to test their apps while running the new operating system. It's not available via the Android Beta program and currently requires you to flash a device system image onto a Pixel phone. 

The latest update includes new features like wireless debugging via a pairing code, with plans for a QR code feature in a future release of Android Studio. There's also an improved tool to give developers more information on why an app crashed, or exits, thanks to a new exit reasons API. 

Google has also improved the amount of time it takes to install an app via the ADB tool, thanks to a new feature called ADB Incremental. It only works with the Pixel 4 and 4 XL and will work with newer devices that launch with Android 11. 

Google is expected to release the first public beta in May, likely around the middle of the month when the company was originally going to hold its annual developer conference Google I/O. The event has since been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Google's Android 11 release schedule hasn't changed -- at least on the developer site. 

Once the beta release is available, Google usually expands testing to more devices than its own Pixel line and releases the update via its Android Beta Program for users to install updates over-the-air, just like standard updates.

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