Anker unveils Power IQ 3.0 USB-C smartphone, tablet and laptop charger

Want a compact, high-power charger that can output a total of 60W over USB-A and USB-C ports? You need Anker's new PowerPort+ Atom III charger.

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Looking for a single compact, high-power USB-A and USB-C charger to replace your set up? You need to take a look at Anker's new PowerPort+ Atom III (Two Port) charger.

What's special about this new charger? It's the first one to be powered by Anker's proprietary PowerIQ 3.0 chips, making the USB-C port compatible with both Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery, giving it broad support across a wide range of devices.  

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The Anker PowerPort+ Atom III (Two Ports) is the first wall offering to be powered by PowerIQ 3.0, allowing it to output a total of 60W over its USB-A and USB-C ports. And like earlier Anker Atom chargers, this one also replaces silicon for highly-efficient GaN (gallium nitride) semiconductors, allowing it to be smaller and run cooler than regular chargers.

The space saving is significant – the Anker PowerPort+ Atom III (Two Ports) is 15% smaller than Apple's 60W MacBook stock charger.

"The fast-charging capability of mobile devices is now faster than ever thanks to USB-C, but the industry continues to get fragmented due to manufacturers choosing different fast-charging protocols for their products, which creates confusion," said Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations. "With PowerIQ 3.0, we've created a new generation of chargers and batteries that can communicate with all of these protocols, allowing them to identify and fast-charge any device. For the first time, consumers only need to rely on one charger to charge all of their devices fast."

PowerPort+ Atom III (Two Ports) tech specs:

  • Total Wattage: 60W
  • Input: 100 - 240V ~ 1.8A 50 - 60Hz
  • USB-C Power IQ 3.0 Output: 5V ⎓ 2.4A / 9V ⎓ 3A / 15V ⎓ 3A / 20V ⎓ 2.25A
  • USB-A Power IQ 2.0 Output: 5V ⎓ 2.4A / 9V ⎓ 1.66A / 12V ⎓ 1.25A
  • Dimensions: 2.67" × 2.71" × 1.10"
  • Technology: GaN semiconductors

The Anker PowerPort+ Atom III (Two Ports) will be available on Amazon US for $42.99 on the 8th of May.