Anonymous hacks India power company

AP Power Generation in city of Andhra Pradesh latest victim of hacktivist group's crusade against country's alleged Web monitoring activities, report states.
Written by Ellyne Phneah, Contributor

Hacktivist group Anonymous breached another Indian Web site, this time that of Andhra Pradesh's AP Power Generation, as it fights back against the country's Internet censorship.

Indian news agency The Hindu reported on Tuesday the Web site was not only hacked into, an additional Web page was also added by the group which used the space to explain its actions and rally support for its cause.

"It is time you wake up to the nightmare that is your government! It is time you stand up for what is right," Anonymous wrote on the tacked on the Web page. "Do not let your government censor you! It's time for you to take charge. It is time you say 'enough is enough'. It is time we end this cycle of corruption."

Beyond this attack, the group said it had already brought down several Indian government Web sites and other sites that support the blocking of filesharing, the report noted.

In March this year, India's minister of state for communications and IT Sachin Pilot revealed 112 government sites had been hacked in the first three months of this year. He added that the government was working to upgrade skills to cope with hackers. That same month, the government reportedly was mulling over plans to set up a national agency to monitor Internet traffic as well as assess cybersecurity threats on a real-time basis.

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