Another iPod nano watch project: Quad Mountain

Tim McLellan's The Ultimate One nano watch kit is worth paying attention to. He uses a different orientation of the nano in the wristband to better support dongles.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

I've previously covered a bunch of iPod nano 6G watch conversions -- including Scott Wilson's runaway success LunaTik, which has already raised over $700,000 (when its goal was $15,000).

There's another nano watch kit on Kickstarter that's worth paying attention to, Tim McLellan'sThe Ultimate One - Quad Mountain. The main difference with McLellan's project is the orientation of the nano in the wristband.

Most of the nano watch kits to date orient the nano with its dock and headphone ports pointing left or right. The Ultimate One puts the nano's ports in a top/bottom configuration which adds usability according to McLellan. He points out the Nike+ and D670 bluetooth adapters can be used in The Ultimate One without affecting wrist movement.

McLellan's design idea came from user testing in this area where he found that if the connectors (i.e. Nike+ or BT) ran parallel with the arm there was a potential for interference with your movement and a higher risk of damaging the connector.

Currently McLellan's Kickstarter project has 39 backers with only $3,015 pledged of $7,800 goal. There's only 8 days to go so if you like what you see, back the project. A pledge of $25 gets you an Ultimate One wristband (black) plus free U.S. shipping.

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