Another outage at Intuit; second in a month

Intuit's online services are down again today, the second time in less than a month. The last outage lasted for about 36 hours.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Intuit is experiencing outages to some of its online services, the second time in a month that customers have been locked out of their financial systems.

The company said that a "commercial power failure has disrupted" some online services but did not elaborate on which services were out. The company is operating on back-up power and working to restore services. It is also notifying customers.

Almost a month ago, Intuit experienced a widespread outage that affected the Quicken, Quickbooks and Turbo Tax services, leaving them inaccessible for about 36 hours. The company said at the time that a power outage  occurred during routine maintenance and that affected Intuit’s primary and backup systems, causing the company’s corporate sites and services to go offline.

Intuit still hasn't provided details of which services are affected by this outage but did say it plans to have full service restored before 2:30 p.m. PT

As Intuit provides more details, I will update this post. If you're experiencing an outage, please offer up some details in the comments.

updated 410 p.m. PT: An update from Intuit says that service has been restored to "nearly all of the products and services" affected by a commercial utility power failure in San Diego. A few applications remain offline but the company still has not provided specifics about which services were impacted. The company also said questions from customers are being handled onlineon a product-by-product basis.

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