Apple car plans hit snag as 'dozens' of employees laid off: Report

It's not clear where Apple's secret car project is heading.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

Apple's effort to build a car may have hit a snag, as dozens of employees have been laid off from its secret Project Titan, according to a report from The New York Times.

The publications' sources say Apple is rethinking its car strategy, with the unconfirmed lay-offs being part of a "reboot", The Financial Times also reported several key staff have left the project.

In the two years since rumors began of Apple's car plans, the secretive company has never confirmed Project Titan or its automobile intentions.

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Bloomberg reported in July Apple isn't abandoning its car efforts, but instead it's leaving the option open to partner with automakers while it focuses on the underlying technology. Quartz added Apple is still continuing its research into advanced batteries that could power a car.

In July, Apple was reported to have hired Bob Mansfield -- a returning Apple veteran who left the ranks in 2013 -- to oversee the car project. Mansfield had his hand in several big product launches at Apple, including the iPad and Mac, and now is believed to have all senior Project Titan employees reporting to him.

Project Titan is said to have a number of fully autonomous vehicles in limited testing environments given the secrecy of the project, but it's not clear where the project is headed.

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