Apple chained iPads to desks to stop leaks

Developers had to agree to pretty draconian rules to receive pre-release iPads, including agreeing to have the devices monitored by GPS.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Michael Arrington posted his unauthorized review of the iPad on TechCrunch calling it "a nearly flawless device."

The interesting part is how he got access to a pre-release iPad without Apple officially blessed by Cupertino. A developer let him play with their pre-production iPad while it was literally bolted to a table in a windowless office.

The iPads are literally chained to the desk with steel cable and a lock. Apple comes by the office with a suitcase, installs the iPad in a bolted case, chains it to the desk and locks it there. And they they do occasional surprise visits just to make sure it’s still there. What’s more, Apple has told developers that they are monitoring the location of the device as well.

Arrington's not the only one though, Engadget posted a leaked photo of an iPad in shackles hours before its official January 27 launch. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple is trying to track down the developer that leaked by the number and pattern of the bolts that are holding that case together. You know that Apple, it's a little paranoid about security and leaks.

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