Apple fails to make list of America's most admired employers

As Amazon, Google, Microsoft and even the US Postal Service appear in the top 15, Cupertino isn't there. College graduates do, however, want to work at Apple.
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Everyone loves Apple, don't they?

Well, when I say loves, I mean admires. No? Respects, then?

Apple always seems to emerge at the top of the brand charts. It's odd, therefore, to see it nowhere in a new list of America's most admired employers.

Created by consultancy company Morning Consult -- on the basis of an average of more than 17,000 consumer interviews per brand -- the survey of the most admired employers sees Amazon and Google tied at the top. Microsoft comes third.

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Netflix ties for fifth with Hershey's and, oh, the United States Postal Service.

Can it really be that Americans would prefer to be mailpersons, rather than Apple engineers? Or does the latter sound like too much hard work?

Admired only by college graduates? (Image: CNET)

It's been said a few times that working at Apple isn't akin to walking through a dew-filled field on a sunny Sunday morning. Those I know who work there confirm this view.

Worse, though, has been said about Amazon. It's been accused of treating employees very poorly. Yes, even by Bernie Sanders.

How, then, could Amazon have appeared at the top, together with Google, a company renowned for its beautiful employee lunches and golden employee handcuffs?

Apple declined to comment.

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I delved, though, a little more deeply into the numbers and fear I may have found at least a partial answer.

As with many other difficult topics in today's America, we have a generational divide.

Hark at Morning Consult's list of the most admired employers among college graduates and Apple arrives in fifth place.

It's beaten only by Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and, oh, Walt Disney. (The USPS doesn't make the top 10.)

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Could it be that those hungry for an admirable career -- and on the brink of one -- understand the prestige that comes from working at Apple?

It could be. How long, though, does it last?

I next looked at the list of the most admired employers among millennials. Google comes top. Netflix is second. Microsoft is third. Lordy, YouTube is fourth.

As for Apple, it's not on millennials' top 10 list. Samsung is, at No. 10.

Competition for talent among tech companies is severe, especially with the uncertain status of the government's immigration attitudes.

Does Apple have some work to do to make itself more attractive to candidates?

Or could it be that only the fresh, young, and enthusiastic are mentally prepared for life on the Spaceship?

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Then again, another listing came out to day. This one, from Forbes, listed the world's best employers.

Apple came in at No. 3. Amazon was No. 5.

Does the rest of the world see Apple more favorably than Americans?

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