Apple iPad 3G data plans for O2 unveiled

As Apple reveals Vodafone's iPad price plans...
Written by Natasha Lomas, Contributor

As Apple reveals Vodafone's iPad price plans...

O2 has become the second UK mobile operator to reveal details of its 3G data plans for Apple's iPad.

Apple's web, email and app tablet is available on pre-order in the UK from today, and due to arrive in shops on 28 May.

O2 is offering a pay-as-you-go daily data rate of £2 with a limit of 500MB, along with two monthly 'recurring tariffs'. The tariffs will cost £10 with a limit of 1GB, or £15 for 3GB. According to O2, recurring tariffs continue until the user cancels, and any unused data will not roll over to the next month. Both daily and monthly plans include unlimited access to BT Openzone and The Cloud wi-fi hotspots.

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More data plans for the iPad have been released today
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Vodafone also announced pricing for the 3G iPad today - after details of its plans were apparently published on Apple's UK store prior to its official announcement.

Vodafone customers will not have the option of a day rate for the iPad but can instead choose from two monthly rolling tariff options (that do not include any wi-fi): £10 for 1GB of 3G data, or £25 for 5GB. Apple's site originally suggested there would be a 250MB limit for Vodafone's £10 tariff.

Orange, which announced its iPad price plans on Friday, offers per megabyte, daily, weekly and monthly plans.

Its pay-as-you-go rate is 5p per megabyte up to a maximum of £40 per month. There's also a £2 daily data bundle with a limit of 200MB; a weekly rate of £7.50 for 1GB; plus two recurring monthly plans: £15 for 3GB, and £25 for 10GB.

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