Apple iPad: accessorize your iPad with the modulR system

You purchased your iPad. Now it's time to accessorize with the modlR system. It comes complete with a car mount, wall mount, shoulder strap and more.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Nothing beats trying to justify a gadget purchase. Today the world is trying to justify pre-ordering the iPad. As we discussed earlier, both myself and Matt Miller have picked one up.

One of the most interesting things that happens during or after the time that you make a gadget purchase is deciding which accessories to buy for it. When looking at accessories you first have to decide if the price is worth the functionality that the accessory provides.

With the above in mind, I now introduce you to modulR - an iPad case and accessory system. That's right, it's a "system", not just a case.

So, what comes in the system? First off there's a case. Next up, a wall mount, followed by a kickstand, shoulder strap, and of course car mount.


When I first saw the pictures of the modular system I was thinking that it was just a bunch of hype. After taking a closer look and realizing what the accessories are claiming to offer, it seems that not only is the modlR system perfect for the iPad, but it's also a great way to see all of the different roles that the iPad can play in your life. If you think about the purchase price of the iPad, it makes sense to try to use it as a video player in the car, or a quasi TV in your home. Unfortunately, Hulu isn't available yet on the iPad, but maybe by the time the modlR system ships (Summer 2010), it will be.

The modlR system looks like a great first attempt at some accessories for the iPad. Now we'll have to see how much it costs and what the competition is going to offer.

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