Apple iPad hits one million sales

One month old and Apple's tablet is already a millionaire
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

One month old and Apple's tablet is already a millionaire

Apple has announced it has sold more than one million iPads in the one month since the device first went on sale in the US.

The iPad, a tablet designed for consuming media, surfing the web and running a variety of apps such as games and e-books, was unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs earlier this year.

Consumers have also snapped up 12 million iPad apps from the App Store and more than 1.5 million e-books from the new iBookstore since the iPad's launch on 3 April, Apple said.

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Apple's iPad hits the million-sales mark
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According to the company's CEO Steve Jobs, demand for the touchscreen tablet is still outstripping supply.

It's a state of affairs that would-be iPad buyers in the UK are well aware of - Apple announced last month the British launch date for the tablet was to be put back a second time after demand for the device was found to be "surprisingly strong" and exceeded supply.

The iPad will now be released in the UK in late May, with pre-orders opening on 10 May.

Orange, O2 and Vodafone are all planning to offer price plans for the iPad 3G in the UK.

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