Apple iPad mini revealed, new hardware announced: roundup

Apple announced on Tuesday, after much speculation, the iPad mini along with other new hardware. Here's what you need to know, as well as a roundup of ZDNet and CNET's coverage.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

The lid was lifted on the iPad mini, at long last.

The 7.9-inch petite tablet includes much of the same features as the iPad 2 amalgamated with the now discontinued iPad 3, replaced with the fourth-geration iPad with Retina display. Sporting 4G LTE connectivity, a 10-hour battery, faster Wi-Fi speeds, and the new Lightning dock connector, the iPad mini is set to rival the already-existing smaller tablet market.

Pricing starts at $329 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model, and $459 for the 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular option. Shipping begins on November 2, with cellular versions two weeks after that. 

A range of new Mac hardware was also announced, including a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display, an updated Mac mini specification, and a brand new iMac desktop computer with a razor-thin design.

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But if you're left wanting more, there's even more for you to digest in little bitesize pieces. Here's what you need to know from ZDNet and sister-sites CNET and CBS News:

Apple gets official with iPad mini; upgrades iPad again

Rachel King, ZDNet: What might have been one of Apple's worst kept secrets is finally here.

Apple media event: By the numbers

ZDNet: Apple executive took to the stage at California Theatre in San Jose, CA. to announce a range of new products. Apple also disclosed some previously unseen numbers and figures. Here's what you need to know.

Apple iPad mini: Winners and losers

Zack Whittaker, ZDNet: Apple announced the iPad mini. The petite 7.9-inch tablet will likely heavily disrupt the already-established tablet market more so than the original iPad. Who will gain and lose out from Tuesday's event?

iPad Mini fails to boost Apple stock

Charles Cooper, CNETIt was a lousy day in the stock market, and not even an Apple product-unveiling was enough to escape the Dow's gravitational pull.

Apple trots out 13" MacBook Pro with Retina; upgrades Mac Mini, iMac

Rachel King, ZDNet: While the iPad mini is expected to hog most of the attention in the weeks to come, Apple brought some of the focus back to the desktop with an ultra-thin iMac.

Apple event gallery: iPad mini, new hardware unveiled

Andy Smith, ZDNet: As usual in previous Apple events, CEO Tim Cook is hosting an event to show off new Apple products. But everyone wass waiting for the 7.9-inch iPad mini.

iPad mini: A bad apple in the enterprise space

Zack Whittaker, ZDNet: Apple's latest creation, the iPad mini, just isn't designed for the enterprise. With Amazon making a loss and Google barely breaking even on their tablets, Apple just wants to make money, and offering a sub-$300 device for the enterprise simply wouldn't work.

Apple announces fourth generation iPad, iPad Mini

Chenda Ngak, CBS News: Tech giant unveils a smaller, cheaper tablet computer to compete in the 7-inch tablet market and a new iPad.

To Apple: Thanks for making my 'new iPad' obsolete

Roger Cheng, CNETCommentary Apple's surprise announcement of a fourth-generation iPad so soon after the last version has one CNET editor feeling burned. 

Apple's Mac moves take advantage of Windows 8 hardware uncertainty

Larry Dignan, ZDNet: Apple's hardware lineup is easy to understand and clear cut. Microsoft's Windows 8 throws various form factors against the wall to see what sticks.

Google, Amazon breathe a sigh of relief as Apple skips competing on price with iPad mini

Matt Miller, ZDNet: Some speculated that Apple would come out with a $199 or $249 iPad mini, but Apple stuck true to their form and have the iPad mini priced at $329 to $649. The Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD are still very compelling at the $199 price point.

With new iPads, Apple targets education opportunity

Andrew Nusca, ZDNet: Apple announced the fourth-generation iPad and first-generation iPad mini, giving the company its strongest tools yet to convert the education market into believers?

iPad Mini and new iPad look headed to EE's U.K. 4G network

Karen Friar, ZDNet: No official confirmation from the operator yet, but Apple shows EE as a 4G LTE partner for its freshly released iPad and new 7.9-inch iPad Mini tablet - which now have UK prices.

Apple's Fusion Drive: hybrid done right!

Robin Harris, ZDNet: Apple takes their trademark top-of-the-line approach with the Fusion drive: a 128GB SSD built into a 1 or 3TB hard drive. Suddenly every other hybrid drive looks like old news. And they are.

iPad Mini could get whacked by supply issues, says analyst

Brooke Crothers, CNETApple's new tablet could see some long backorder times if demand is strong, NPD DisplaySearch tells CNET.

Apple's iPad mini: it's all about price elasticity

Andrew Nusca, ZDNet: How many iPads can Apple sell into a market? It all depends on how low you can go.

The new 'new iPad': Lightning strikes again

Molly Wood, CNETApple's unexpected new iPad is all about one thing: Lightning. Now, not only is your 6-month-old iPad "last year's model," it's also incompatible with a flood of new iPad accessories. Injury, meet insult.

Gallery: The iPad mini and the new iPad 4

Adrian Kingsley-Huges, ZDNet: On Tuesday, Apple unveiled the long-awaited iPad mini along with a revamped -- and mostly unexpected -- iPad 4. Let's take a look at how Apple has improved its best-selling tablet.

Aussies avoid iPad Mini price gouge

Spandas Lui: Apple has unveiled its 7.9-inch iPad Mini device with similar pricing between Australia and the U.S.

The 5th Generation iPad and what Apple needs to deliver

Jason Perlow, ZDNet: Apple's fifth generation iPad, due presumably in early 2014, really needs to up the ante on what is widely considered to be a very incremental improvement over the iPad 3.

Apple's iPad Mini pricing: Did it miss the tablet death blow?

Larry Dignan, ZDNet: The iPad Mini expands the total addressable market for Apple and strengthens its hammerlock on the tablet category. But Apple could have delivered a death blow to rivals with a lower price.

Apple announces next generation iMac

Chenda Ngak, CBS NewsTech giant announces a desktop computer 80 percent thinner than its predecessor.

Peeved? Apple will exchange your 3rd-gen iPad for the newer model

Sharon Vaknin, CNETCustomers who purchased a third-generation iPad within the last 30 days might be able to exchange their device for a newer model at select Apple stores.

Apple's Lightning transition as fast as its name

Josh Lowensohn, CNETApple's new cable adapter and technology has rolled out to five different devices in just over a month, marking one of the fastest transitions yet. 

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