Apple iPad suffers another delay in the UK

If you've not pre-ordered, you're in for a wait…
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

If you've not pre-ordered, you're in for a wait…

In what's becoming a familiar tale for would-be iPad owners, there's another delay to the tablet's release in the UK.

The shipping date for the iPad in the UK has been put back: previously listed for 28 May, the Apple online store now says the tablets will ship from 7 June.

The delayed shipping date will only apply to new orders, however - those who have already pre-ordered an iPad can expect to see the device arrive on 28 May as planned.

apple ipad new delay

The iPad will be arriving later than planned
(Photo credit: James Martin/CNET)

The postponement follows several delays to the iPad's arrival in the UK.

UK shoppers were initially told they would only have to wait until late March for the device but Apple subsequently moved the release date to late April. The release date was then delayed once again, being pushed back to late May.

Apple has not given a reason for this latest delay, except to say "demand has been off the charts", leading to speculation the UK may have already sold out of its allocation of iPads.

According to the latest figures from Apple, more than one million iPads have been sold since the tablet first went on sale in the US in April.

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