Apple iPhone 6s Plus innovation and ecosystem keep it in my pocket (Return date decision)

The new iPhone 6s Plus is the most significant 's' upgrade yet. Another new phone has made it past the expiration of the return period and this one is now serving as my primary device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
The return period for my Apple iPhone 6s Plus, see my full review, expires today. Tomorrow, the iPhone 6s Plus will still be serving as my primary smartphone.

I never buy a smartphone with the intent to return it, but in some cases the phone doesn't meet my expectations so it gets sent back. Apple's return policy used to be 30 days, but changed last year. As you can see on its policy page it is now 14 calendar days from the date you received it. Apple keeps track of this date so simply click on the return item button and then a page will appear showing you when the return period expires.

My first impressions and review of the iPhone 6s Plus have been published and explain many of the exciting new features of the iPhone 6s that make it compelling for me. These include 3D Touch, Touch ID, and Live Photos.

While those are cool features and functions that enhance the iPhone experience, here are a few reasons I decided to keep the iPhone 6s Plus.

  • iMessage and FaceTime: Since most of my family uses iPhones, life is easier and more functional sticking with the same ecosystem. Yes, there are alternatives, but it doesn't work trying to change other people's habits.
  • Notification Center: Android had the notification shade first, but Apple's implementation is much better. On Android I tend to primarily just clear my notifications while I read and respond on the iPhone. The widgets area on iOS is much more useful to me than having home screen widgets. I also like how iOS presents quick actions in a separate bottoms-up approach rather than consuming the notification shade as seen on Android.
  • Hey Siri: In the past I primarily used Siri just to create reminders, but with Hey Siri always-on support I regularly use it to search, perform calculations, call people, text people, and more. Having the A9 processor support an always listening mode has proven invaluable for me.
  • Apple News: I used to read Flipboard and Yahoo! News Digest, but have uninstalled both as Apple News more than meets my needs.
  • Battery life: Even though the iPhone 6s Plus has a smaller capacity battery than other large smartphones, I see much longer battery life than on any other phone I have. I get through more than a day and even if I forget to charge at night I can trust my iPhone to get me started the next day before needing a charge. This is one area where I do think Apple sprinkles some magic.
  • Touch ID response: I never leave my phones behind so in the past I didn't lock them and suspect millions don't. Touch ID is so responsive in the iPhone 6s that it performs as if you don't have any security on your phone. There is no reason for anyone to leave their new iPhone 6s unlocked with the new Touch ID.
  • Apple Watch: The Apple Watch continues to prove itself as my favorite smartwatch and in order to use it daily I need an iPhone. It may sound like irrational, but I love using the Apple Watch and the combination is killer for me.

It seems I am now into the pattern of picking up every new iPhone and maybe I should just set that as my expectation for the future. I've only lost about a third of the value each year so spending $200 to $300 to use an iPhone for a year is worth it to me and definitely better than the costly iPhone Upgrade Program that I will not participate in.

For the iPhone 7, I would like Apple to provide fast charging, increase the display to body ratio by making the iPhone a bit shorter and narrower, and continue to add support for 3D touch.

Stay tuned for future articles on the iPhone 6s Plus here on ZDNet Smartphones & Cell Phones.

Apple iPhone 6s 3D Touch screenshot gallery

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