Apple launches $4.99 Voice Plan for Apple Music but Siri may get in the way

Apple is betting that the Apple Music Voice Plan can get you to upgrade later assuming Siri doesn't get in the way.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Apple is launching a $4.99 Voice Plan for Apple Music so you can use your voice to ask for songs, playlists and stations, but the broader question how much Siri frustration comes with it.

The company said the addition was to bring Apple Music to more people. To me, this new plan seems like an upcharge to use Siri, which can be frustrating. Using Siri just to reach the Apple devices that don't support Apple+ is more about price tiers and getting you in the ecosystem vs. Spotify. What's unclear to me is whether you can get by with just using Siri--the weakest assistant compared to Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant--for access. 

Apple said customers can subscribe to Apple Music Voice Plan by saying "Hey Siri, start my Apple Music Voice trial." Apple Music adding hundreds of new mood and activity playlists optimized for Siri. That optimization may cut back on Siri frustration.   

Here's the lineup:

  • Voice Plan at $4.99 a month and you get 1 person, Siri on Apple devices, access to songs, playlists and stations. The plan covers all Apple devices.
  • Individual Plan at $9.99 a month for 1 person. It covers Siri on Apple devices, songs, playlists, stations, lyrics and music videos, spatial and lossless audio and Apple+ supported devices.
  • The Family Plan is the same as the Individual Plan but covers up to 6 people. The Family Plan covers up to 6 people.
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