​Apple Pay broadens reach to web, competes with Amazon, PayPal

At WWDC, Apple Pay becomes a payment option across retailers and sites.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Apple is bringing Apple Pay to the web and partnering with dozens of retailers to be a payment option alongside Amazon and PayPal.

Many retailers are now using PayPal or Amazon as a payment option at checkout. Apple Pay's initial launch focused on the iPhone, but by bringing the commerce option to the Mac and Web its reach--and ultimate usefulness--can broaden a bit.

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"We shop online, we shop on the Web, in Safari. We're bringing Apple Pay to the Web," said Apple software chief Craig Federighi. "Securely authenticate purchase using continuity right on iPhone using TouchID."

Now that Apple Pay will have more reach it can be more of an option for iMessage and many other apps. For Apple's bottom line, Apple Pay will be able to generate more fees and monetize its installed base better.

Key commerce players said they will support Apple Pay. For instance, IBM said its commerce customers will be enabled to use Apple Pay.

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